Veronica Olanrewaju Omitowoju

The Veronica Olanrewaju Omitowoju Nursing Scholarship is an annual scholarship given to a nursing student who:
•Is level I or II or LPN
•The student will preferably be over 40 years old.
•The student will preferably have a dependent (spouse, child, parent).
•The student will preferably be an international student.
•The student will have unusual challenges (financially, personally, physical, etc.).
•The student WILL be a female.
This scholarship awards up to scholarship awards up to $500 per academic year with up to $250 paid per semester. If a student does not continue after the first semester, another student will be selected to receive the scholarship for the second semester. All scholarships are subject to the availability of funding and continuation for a second semester is not guaranteed. Reapplication is required for each academic year. Continuation of this scholarship is not guaranteed.

Up to $500 per academic year, paid as $250 per semester
Supplemental Questions
  1. If you do have dependents, please specify your relationship (spouse, child, parent, etc.)
  2. Do you have any dependents?
  3. Number and age of children.
  4. Are you an international student?
  5. Do you have any unusual challenges (financial, personal, etc.)?