Tullahoma Noon Rotary Club

•Recipient must be an Adult College Express (ACE) student at Motlow State Community College.
•Recipient must be 25 years or age or older and be in good standing with the college.
•Recipient must not have previously earned a degree.
•Recipient must live in the Motlow College service area.
•Upon acceptance of this scholarship, the student will be required to make a presentation to the Tullahoma Noon Rotary Club which meets at noon each Friday.
•The scholarship of $1,000 is to be used for fees and tuition and books only and will be awarded at the beginning of the semester.
•A prior recipient of this scholarship who attains a 4.0 or higher GPA during the semester of the award may reapply for the scholarship (if funding is available); otherwise, this scholarship will be awarded to the student for ONE SEMESTER ONLY. This scholarship may award up to $1,000 depending upon the amount of other grants and/or scholarships the student receives.
•Deadline for application for Fall semester is August 15.
•Deadline for application for Spring semester is November 15.

$1,000 for one semester only